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Modern Desert House with Courtyard in Phoenix

by customhomemag • January 17, 2018
Today’s custom home spotlight is a mission modern desert home in Arizona. This modern desert home with a courtyard in Phoenix was designed by The Ranch Mine, a national award-winning husband and wife architecture firm in Phoenix, Arizona, run by Cavin and Claire Costello. This recently finished new home build in Phoenix expertly mixes new [...]

Custom Cape Cod Cottage Home

by customhomemag • January 15, 2018

Peacefully set on the edge of a wide slat water creek that opens up to the Nantucket Sound, this week’s custom home spotlight looks at a gorgeous custom Cape Cod cottage home. The modest, traditional Cape Cod cottage is deceptively large, with over 3,000 square feet within its modest frame. Designed by local architects Polhemus […]

The Best General Contractors in Texas

by customhomemag • January 15, 2018

One of the most important decisions a homeowner makes when building a custom home in Texas is hiring the right builder. A high-quality residential general contractor will not only deliver a well-built house with meticulous detailing and high-end materials, but will make the process less stressful. A great home builder can carefully follow architect’s plans […]

The Best General Contractors in California

by customhomemag • January 4, 2018

There is perhaps no more important decision when building a custom home in California than picking a high-quality new home builder. The right general contractor will be able to follow an architect’s plans and keep your new home project on schedule and on budget. Embarking on a residential construction project can be a scary task, […]

The Best Architects in California

by customhomemag • January 4, 2018

It takes a wealth of knowledge and experience to turn your ideas for a new custom home into useful plans that can be put into action by a home builder. So while you could try to design your own custom home, the more practical route is to hire a top-notch residential architect. Architects have the […]

The Best Interior Designers in California

by customhomemag • January 4, 2018

To complete the look of a new custom home in California, you will want to employ the services of a top-notch interior designer. Without cohesive furnishings, lighting, art, wall and floor coverings, all the hard work put in by your architects and builders will simply not get the justice it deserves. Maybe you want sophisticated […]

The Best Architects in Connecticut

by customhomemag • January 4, 2018

The right architect can make the difference between having your dream custom home and wasting a lot of time and money to have a home that does not suit your needs or your tastes. Working with a top architect will allow you to translate the ideas you have in your head into functional plans that […]

The Best General Contractors in Connecticut

by customhomemag • January 4, 2018

Building a new home is a challenge unlike any other. You’ve already made the important decision to create your own custom home rather than buy a home for sale. You’ve pick the design professionals to create a floor plan for your lifestyle and design a home in the ideal style. Working with the right general […]

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